• INFINITUM OBSCURE - Sub Atris Caelis CD
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Najnowsza druga duża płyta INFINITUM OBSCURE z Tijuany w Meksyku. Brutalny mroczny death metal w stylu DISSECTION, NECROPHOBIC, UNANIMATED, DEATH! Płyta nagrana przez metalową legendę w osobie Billa Metoyer'a (SLAYER, MORBID ANGEL, RIGOR MORTIS).

Recenzja w Metal Maniacs:
Tijuana’s own, Infinitum Obscure, has finally released their aggressive, unrelenting sophomore album “Sub Atris Caelis” on DeathGasm Records. This album definitely sparks the inner burning chaotic flame within and it is in special thanks, not only to the band, but also to the production done by the legendary Bill Metoyer (early Slayer, Morbid Angel). And it shows, especially when it comes to the drums. On their previous outing, the production was lacking. This cannot be said this time around.
The album starts off as if you were watching the mouth of a never ending night swallow all of humanity. Then, the “Death Metal Darkness” unfolds bleak and haunting solos, riffs, and tempo changes that are perfect for the soundtrack of the end of all times. “Seeding Darkness,” the opening track, wounds your mortal soul and Roberto Lizarraga’s vocals, reminiscent of a Mexican Chuck Schuldine’s, punishes what remains of your hearing. “Towards the Eternal Dark,” the next track, shines on the drums and the double bass sounds as if there is no stopping this ever closing mouth from swallowing the rest of your family and friends.
The album ends on a dismal, yet serene note, like it’s the last breath of a dying and forgotten God. It will give you the chills or an erection, especially if you are a fan of nihilism or the bands Death and Dissection. This is old school Death Metal at its finest. Worship and obey Infinitum Obscure.

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