JACK SLATER - Blut/Macht/Frei CD

  • JACK SLATER - Blut/Macht/Frei CD
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Długo oczekiwana najnowsza płyta Niemców z Jack Slater. Chory i brutalny death metal, świetny następca "Metzgore". Dla fanów WACO JESUS, CLITEATER, LIVIDITY, GOREROTTED, FLESHCRAWL, DYING FETUS, SKINLESS.

JACK SLATER stands for brutal technical Death Metal for over 10 years now, a powerful synergy of aggression, groove, blast, detailed arranged breaks, mind-blowing soli, weird ideas and structures, combined with vigorous and diverse german vocals. These are the ingredients for JACK SLATERs independent, multifaceted sound that you can’t really compare to any other Death Metal Band you have ever listened to. Mrs. Toyka once said “That sounds like a haunted Dark Ride!”, even though the nice woman has no idea what Metal is all about, no one ever did a more accurate and shorter description of JACK SLATERs music. The third Full Length Album “Blut/Macht/Frei” was released on War Anthem Records on 14th March 2008, distributed by Soulfood Distributions. The album combines all strengths of previous JACK SLATER releases and takes it even further. Never before JACK SLATER sounded so powerful, tight, brutal, sophisticated, complex and innovative like on their new album “Blut/Macht/Frei”. The mastering for this album was done by polish Hertz Studios who also made the final finishing touch for great releases of bands like Vader or Decapitated. “Blut/Macht/Frei” presents hard bangers like “Rohrspast” or “Töten” that will please the listener with their brutality and raw aggression. Other songs like “Amnestia” will fascinate with their groove and great melodies that will stick in your head, not a typical JACK SLATER song, but a real good one you will love once you heard it. If that’s not enough for you and you are looking for something really mind-blowing check out the last song “Narbe”, a 22 minute monster, a massive piece of music with countless riffs, breaks, ideas and structures, a metal bastard full of creativity and musicality. Even a real Death Metal saxophone solo is integrated in this song - a unique piece of music from a unique band of Death Metal. JACK SLATER doesn’t only blow minds in the studio, they are one of the most active german underground metal bands and don’t miss a chance to enter the stage and present their music to the sick metal crowd in Germany and every country they are invited to. For the future JACK SLATER will concentrate on crossing german borders even more often and show to whole Europe what their art of music is all about. Now that they have a potent record label in their back, even more metalheads in Germany, Europe and the World will be able to experience the brutal complex technical Death Metal JACK SLATER has to offer - be prepared!

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