FREAKHATE - It Comes From The Grave CD

  • FREAKHATE - It Comes From The Grave CD
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Pokręcony, wstrętny i odrażający death/doom metal z Hiszpanii dla fanów ABSCESS, AUTOPSY, CELTIC FROST, COFFINS, DIVINE EVE, EYEHATEGOD, GG ALLIN!

My Last Chapter:
Never heard of Freakhate before they released this album, and previous to it they’ve only released a split and a demo, and after It comes from the grave they split up. So I guess that was their short history… I gave the album a listen under the pretences it was a doom/death album, but found it to be more of a gory and sluggish kind of old school death.
There’s a lot going on here that differ a hell of a lot from the standard mold of doom/death, one for that matter being the vocals. The gory and gruffy style of shouting comes somewhat close to that of Kam Lee of Bone Gnawer (but less discernable), and musically there are some similarities as well. Imagine a mixture of said band and the likes of Abscess and Autopsy, but thrown in the mix is some goregrind and doom metal. Freakhate’s history of a more grindcore oriented act occasionally shine through, albeit the main tempo is something of a slow mid kind of thingie. For tracks like Keep the cult of the crypt alive and Coffin worm they really slow it down and similarities with Japan’s powerhouse Coffins becomes obvious. But when Lords of the alcoholocaust takes the stage it brings with it a semi-thrashy vibe that reminds me a little of Paganizer. And there are even a few moments throughout the album where I can’t help but to think of Corrupted.
As the songs vary quite a bit in style it all still comes together utterly well, and the album flows naturally. The gored vocal style fits the tunes perfectly, and complements the drunken atmosphere reeking of hopelessness and death. The riffing might not be something one will remember indefinitely, but It comes from the grave has its share of cool leads and whatnot. The production is heavy-as-shit and muddy-as-hell, which couldn’t be more fitting considering the dirty tunes. The only thing I have to complain about is the weak-sounding drums, which comes off as rather flat in comparison to the heftiness of the guitar and bass (Keep the cult of the crypt alive has a moment of very audible bass, and it sounds wicked). But then again this is such a bloody murderous album, nonetheless. Freakhate have managed to mix goregrind, death, doom and thrash metal in an extraordinary way. Sludgy, muddy and uncompromising gore.

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