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Brutralny techniczny death metal z Tokyo. Ostatni jak dotąd materiał.

Formed in September 2004, Tokyo’s Infected Malignity could well change the music industry’s perception ‘Japanese Rock’, though forming somewhat ironically to play savage, ball-breaking US-style death metal, they underwent a series of line-up changes and released their debut full-length ‘The Malignity Born From Despair’ on US label Unmatched Brutality before settling on the current line-up and evolving into a fiercely technical beast that whilst able to challenge the big names from the Western hemisphere embraces a unique and unmatched combination of slamming death, intoxicating groove and delicate melodic deathcore. Undergoing one final lineup change just as they put the final touches to their eagerly awaited sophomore, ‘RE:BEL’, the band found itself with a new vocalist and bassist in Kouhei Watanabe and Takaya Tamura. The five-piece, completed by founding guitarists and drummer Takura Sagano and Yuuto Sagano stand poised to usher in a terrifying new era for Japanese music. A marginalized novelty no more, the concept of ‘J-Rock’ is dead, Infected Malignity are ready to knock you off your feet and pound you into the headstone.

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