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Druga duża płyta czeskiej progresywnej thrash/deathmetalowej ekipy grającej w klimatach VOIVOD, ATHEIST, FARMAKON, PESTILENCE.

Neurotic Machinery came into existence in September 2006 as a side project of three members of the band NERON and it finally end as a regular band. Because NERON did not go right as good as it should, part of the band decided to chop of running NERON for some time and implement ideas in the new project. It was certain from the beginning that the aim and philosophy of this project will lead up absolutely different way. Singer’s post remained unchanged, it’s still undertaken by Ondra as Prometheus, and guitar still remains to Michal as Nexus. Second guitar’s post occupies Honza as Stellar, who played bass guitar in NERON. So the last thing was to find a percussion player, what did not take a long time. After a recommendation came Martin as Bart for a trial, who perfectly completed that trio and after two or three trials joined the band indefinitely. Unfortunately the bass guitar player was not still occupied. That post supplies Muskin as xJendix from Something Like for some time, to support the band at concerts and to cut a record with them as well.
At the turn of years 2006 and 2007 were created demos of the pieces, what should appear at the first CD planned to record on March 2007. Unfortunately week before going to the studio “Hellsound” the recording was cancelled by the studio. So the new studio had to be found quickly. Finally after bi-weekly intensive searching the studio “Gallerysound” was found and date of recording naturally moves up to June 2007. The band did not idle and created new songs and improved the older ones. Since that time NM has played few concerts. In June has begun the recording in mentioned studio, but during that the frost of people in the studio was evident. So the band decided to change the studio and do the mix and mastering in studio “Hostivar”. During November 2007 the CD called Catalept was done. Later this year began the expansion of this CD to the world…

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