PUTREFYING CADAVERMENT - Necrosadistic Defilement CD

  • PUTREFYING CADAVERMENT - Necrosadistic Defilement CD
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Gore'owy brutalny i odrażający slamming death metal z Północnej Karoliny! Dla fanów DEVOURMENT, ABOMINABLE PUTRIDITY, WAKING THE CADAVER!

Putrefying Cadaverment from North Carolina, USA present us their first EP “Necrosadistic Defilement”. It was recorded in 2007 and contains 7 songs with a total playing time of 14:15 min. My first thought about this release was: HOLY SHIT!!! These two guys know how to write real brutal stuff! Unintelligible growling and a lot of blastbeats are the main things of every song (the only exeption is song Nr. 4 which is just a short interlude / introduction to the next pieces of sickness). So, nothing special about it, but Putrefying Cadaverment are more than just another brutal Death Metal clone band, because they have a nice sense for writing slower parts you can slam to and bang your fucking head off. These parts are well placed and help the band to be far over the average acts of this genre. The production could be a little bit more powerful, but we´re talking about an underground release right now and I guess everybody has heard some shit that sounds much more crappier. If you're into Brodequin, Digested Flesh or Wormeaten you surely will be satisfied with this short but sweet offering of twisted sickness. (Brutalism)

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