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Debiut długogrający Volition z Anglii to ultra ciężki doom z niskostrojonymi gitarami, gardłowymi wokalami oraz brudną i jednocześnie powalającą produkcją. Płyta zmasteryzowana została w słynnym 1in12 Studio.


Metal Observer:
Brace your ears for one hell of a pounding if you're going to give this debut from UK based Doomsters VOLITION the time of day, these guys have come to blow your speakers and give your ass a proper kicking. By blending elements of Sludge, Funeral, and Traditional Doom, they've created some crushingly heavy and slow riffs with a subtle touch of groove.
I'm going to warn you again, make sure your speakers aren't turned to eleven while listening to this album, as you're going to ruin a perfectly good piece of equipment. The thick drone coming from every strike of their guitars sends shock-waves right into your very bones, and not unlike SUNN O))) this is music you can literally feel. On top of these walls of sound the vocalist is hatefully growling his throat into shreds, mostly in a brutal guttural manner, but at times escalating into totally deranged screaming. These screams, which are featured most prominently in “The Mistress” and the beginning of “Do What Thou Wilt”, provide some much welcomed variation from the otherwise somewhat repetitive doooomy songs, and can be absolutely terrifying in their madness.
Personally I'm not a huge fan of sludgy Doom, but VOLITIONs incorporation of Traditionally doomy grooves coupled with Funeral Drone played at a sluggish pace work out pretty well. If you don't mind feeling somewhat queasy because of the extreme vibrations shaking up your guts and head, I strongly recommend you to look these guys up. Never mind the solos, here's a massive pummeling of gritty and desperate Doom.

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