SONS OF SLAUGHTER - The Extermination Strain CD

  • SONS OF SLAUGHTER - The Extermination Strain CD
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Mega precyzyjna death/grind brutalność oparta na nies niesamowitych riffach, nieustajcych opętanych rytmach oraz nieludzkich wokalach. Mieszanka Mix Decapitated, Cryptopsy, Nile, Spawn Of Possession, Visceral Bleeding, Morbid Angel!

Voices from the Darkside:
Formed in 2003 after the demise of SEEDS OF DESOLATION this Scottish quintet already released a first demo entitled “Bloodblind” only one year later and now has its first full-length ready to rip via Retribute Records. This slab of conventional brutal, contemporary Death Metal easily comparable to the sound of SUFFOCATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE or VILE does not contain any huge surprises for anyone familiar with this US-styled, driving and crushingly heavy form of Death Metal. From slow, slamming breakdowns to maniacal oldschool drive, low natural growls to aggressive screams, precise riffs to rapid leads, powerful (unfortunately a bit too much triggered sounding) drumming and so on and so forth, SONS OF SLAUGHTER utilize a quite popular formula for Death Metal. Nothing special yet nothing that will make you run out of the room hysterically screaming for someone to turn this album off. Slight musical references to the Thrash genre during songs like ‘Lead Us Not’ or some well placed melodies in ‘Purify Through Sin’, ‘Unmarked Grave’ or ‘Bloodblind’ plus the constantly high level of musical variety and musicianship make SONS OF SLAUGHTER ready to enter the competition with the numerous comparable acts from overseas. “The Extermination Strain” is a very good yet not outstanding debut and except for a more natural sounding bass drum and more individuality in the vocal department there is nothing to complain about here. Welcome this promising newcomer!

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