SLIT - Ode To Silence CD

  • SLIT - Ode To Silence CD
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Druga duża płyta ekipy z Malty. Mocarny, ciężki i gęsty thrash metal w stylu LAMB OF GOD, MESHUGGAH, MACHINE HEAD.

Slit’s 2006 ‘Ode To Silence’ is an album which brings to light the concepts of how the mafia’s (la malavita) ways are fused into people’s ideology and everyday living. ‘’You cannot fully understand the ways of the mafia in places like Malta and Sicily if you haven’t lived in the country for a number of years’’ explains the band’s bassist Joker, who alongside drummer Gerald and vocalist Frank wrote the band’s second album as a 3 piece. Tracks such as ‘Omerta’, ‘White Shotgun’, ‘Down the gut’ and ‘Il-Halfa’ sees the band delving into accentuating their local Maltese heritage, as Frank explains ‘’The Mafia in Malta and Sicily is not about fancy cars, guns and designer suites the way Hollywood movies depict , it’s about corruption as a means to survival’’ Without compromising the sheer heaviness which became a trademark of their sound ‘Ode to Silence’ continues where Slit’s first album ‘Cronaca Nera’ (released on Retribute Records in 2005) left off. A mixture of thrash, death, sludge, hardcore which makes the band hard to define in terms of genre but at the same time a defining pinnacle in extreme music Following the release Omar Grech (from one of death metal’s most respected underground acts Beheaded) became Slit’s fourth full time member and guitarist Anticulture Records released the band’s album in Sept 2006 after following closely Slit’s rise in the UK underground circuit backed by countless DIY tours since 2001 which gained the band a reputation of one of the most hard working new acts. Capable of holding court with any comers in the scene, Slit have shared the stage with likes of Rotting Christ, Red Harvest, Grimfist, Viking Skull, Susperia, Man Must Die, Gutworm, Happy Face and more, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Enter 2007 Slit hit the road again this time in France and Switzerland to which they will return in June as part of the line up in Hellfest alongside giants such as Machine Head, Hatebreed, Cannibal Corpse, Megadeth, Kreator and more. (

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