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Eksperymentalny, ekstremalny i progresywny tech-death/grind pełen połamanych riffów i kombinacji.


To be honest, when I see the word "grind" in the musical description of a band, I always have a big bad apprehension. Not that I disrespect this musical style but only because there is, in my opinion, (and that's a bit the same with Power or the so called Melodeath actually) a lot of bad overrated bands. This is clearly not the case of Tangaroa, a British combo who chose to play Progressive Grind Metal. Extremely original their EP "Day" is the living proof that Grind is not only brutal music. If you like Grind and believe that it can be mixed with the technicality of Cynic or Atheist, I really recommend you to have a look on this promising EP.
Don't misunderstand me Tangaroa plays Grind first, so it's violent and brutal music with crazy brutal vocals and extremely heavy riffs but it's also super technical. As an example, the first song is composed of a basic riff but above all of terrific and hyper technical solo which lead the entire melody of the song. And that's the same thing on the five songs of the release, even if it's brutal (and not always really fast actually) it's always extremely impressive. A bit like the masters of Progressive Death, Tangaroa plays something that we can clearly call Progressive Grindcore.
This is different, original, and even the ones who don't like brutal music but love technical stuff will find something for them in this EP. The only problem for a "basic" Metalhead will maybe comes from the aggressive vocals but even this point can be ok if you're a bit open minded. No, "Day is an interesting CD with a cool atmosphere and a great vision of Grindcore. I love the technicality of the music of Tangaroa and I really think that it can become the future great side of this musical style.
"Day" is maybe not for everybody, it's not so easy of access and it's clearly not commercial. Also, it's maybe a bit elitist and experimental but damn, it's good to see that we can do brutal music which is not only noise. After two mini CDs and EP, I hope that Tangaroa will release soon their first album. If you already like Progressive Death bands like Cynic or Progressive Thrash ones like Meshuggah, and would like to discover the extreme side of the style, remember this name Tangaroa, we will hear a lot about them soon.

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