• THE KILLING FLAME - Nine More Lives CD
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Kalifornijski melodyjny hardcore z członkiem IGNITE w składzie. Pozycja obowiązkowa dla fanów IGNITE, TRIGGERMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE, NO FOR AN ANSWER, CARRY NATION

Formed in 1999 by vocalist Joe Nelson (Triggerman, Ignite) and guitarist Joe Foster (Unity, Ignite, Speak 714), The Killing Flame set out to bring back the old-school sounds of their Orange County hardcore roots. The band quickly released the Back to Ash EP on Grapes of Wrath Records in Germany, and The Dream Dies EP on bassist Ed McKirdys (Hands Tied, The Suppression Swing) Livewire Records in the US. Shortly after those recording sessions, artist-extraordinaire and rhythm guitarist Gavin Oglesby (No For An Answer, Carry Nation) joined the band. This lineup went on to record the epic LP Another Breath, for Equal Vision Records in 2000. The record featured guest appearances by close to a dozen hardcore/punk/rock heavyweights from such bands as The Adolescents, Bluebird, Uniform Choice, Farside, and more. Shortly after its release Joe Foster left the band, and was replaced briefly by Alex Barreto (Chain of Strength, Statue) for a series of shows on the East Coast. Fast forward to the summer of 2003. Joe Nelson had just moved back to California from Chicago, and decided along with Gavin Oglesby, to bring the band back from its two year hiatus. They called their longtime friend, drummer Casey Jones (Justice League, No For An Answer, Ignite) who happily agreed to sign on. Casey then brought in his friends Marc Maxey (Justice League, Pollen Art) on bass, and Chris Judd on lead guitar, and The Killing Flame v3.0 was good to go. That fall the band, without the backing of any record label, recorded their next LP, Nine More Lives with producer Derek OBrien (Social Distortion, DI, Agent Orange, The Adolescents). Slightly less complex, yet also a bit catchier than Another Breath, Nine More Lives captured the band at its best. From the roaring opening tracks The Hardcore Generation and Nine More Lives, to the melodic Dag Nasty influenced Flying Blind, Nine More Lives is sure to satisfy fans both old and new. In early 2004 Highlight Sounds Records out of South America released Nine More Lives and the band followed it up with a 3 week tour of Brazil, playing to huge, enthusiastic crowds while opening for a reunited Lemonheads, as well as the fantastic Brazilian band Dead Fish. Upon returning home, the band was excited to play one of the Insted reunion shows with Joe Foster filling in for Chris Judd (currently living in Spain), and Alex Barreto filling in on drums for an injured Casey Jones. In late 2004, SOA Records out of Italy licensed the LP from the band for a European release, and in 2006 the LP will finally be released in the US on Nervous Breakdown Records. The band is currently writing material for a follow-up LP, and is planning a short East Coast tour this summer.

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