THE GRIEVING PROCESS - Assimilated Deformation CD

  • THE GRIEVING PROCESS - Assimilated Deformation CD
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Jedyna duża płyta brutalnej deathmetalowej załogi z New Jersey. Dla fanów CRYPTOPSY, DEVOURMENT, DYING FETUS, WHITECHAPEL.

Metal Invader:
New Jersey's newcomers THE GRIEVING PROCESS count only two years of life as a band but also numerous live performances with acts such as Suicide Silence, Winds Of Plague, Merciless and many more. So, the last thing we could say is that they lack experience in the scene.
    Their favorite sport is grinding death metal and their debut album certainly deserves a medal. For sure. Blasts with breakdowns, not in the common way we are used to from bands like Carnifex, and a vocalist with a - soon to be damaged - throat are the sum up of this piece of brutality. The band is not willing to compromise in any way so what you get is sheer brutality at its finest. The songs are short and deadly, so the listener cannot get bored, on the contrary you will find yourself ready to mosh wherever you may be at the time. Unstoppable, unmerciful beating on the senses with themes that deal with the living dead and similar nasties. Titles such as “Home Movies” and “Twilight of '68” are straight for the ones who know.
    The thing that makes them different and more interesting than bands of the type is the fact that they are more into brutal death than the modern day grind/death thing and you can tell from the song structures and the vocals that are kind of stagnated-in the good sense. So to conclude, if you are a fan of Dying Fetus, Whitechapel and Devourement you will definitely find your new hook here. Mosh on!

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