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Debiutancki album wystrzałowej niemieckiej ekipy grającej potężny metal/deathcore w stylu takich zespołów jak THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH, DESPISED ICON.

Sometimes you can't even believe the name of a band. Fuck Your Shadow From Behind is such a name. Six guys play in the band, included are two singers, releasing an album on Bastardized Recording and according to the logo I suspected them to play Deathcore. I wasn't right and I wasn't wrong. They are influenced by it, but mix it with Metalcore, the type Unearth played in the early days.
That means an original mix with interesting riffs and also a lot of dynamics; one of the things most Deathcore and Metalcore bands lack these days. Of course they include the typical Slayer riffs but I am glad that they at least tried to come up with an own face. The lyrics are in German, giving the music a cold tone and the screams of Adrian and Tobias are inspired enough to keep your attention at ‘Freigeist’.
In the songs “Es War Die Zeit”, “Verse Der Freiheit” and “Zweilicht” the same drive is showed as on “Slaughter of the Soul” from At the Gates. The melancholic end of “Zweilicht” is completely different so you can’t expect what’s next with Fuck Your Shadow From Behind. This continues on the rest of the album; the Deathcore vibe is coming back in “Tristesse”.
The band was founded in August 2007, only released a Demo CD so far and can be proud of ‘Freigeist’ because it isn’t easy to come up with an interesting and original debut in the sea of Metalcore releases. Despite the hilarious band name.

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