KRIEF DE SOLI - Procul Este, Profani CD

  • KRIEF DE SOLI - Procul Este, Profani CD
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Producent:Endless Winter

Debiutancki album jednoosobowego projektu pod nazwą KRIEF DE SOLI.

Trzy długie, 15-minutowe utwory mrocznego funeral doom metalu z Kanady w stylu SKEPTICISM.
As for me, St. Claus has given me a good New Year present. But I was only able to fully appreciate it at the end of a ten-day alcoholic comatose. I'm speaking about the disk of Canadian project Krief de Soli “Procul Este, profani...”. I, a fan of Funeral Doom, liked this work.
All three tracks that form the album could be listened to in one breath, despite the duration of 15-16 minutes each. The music is symphonic and has an interesting composition. I doubt that the author, being omb, managed to use only live instruments in the project, but string and wind instruments sound very convincing and natural.
The vocal manner, that reminded me of R.H. from Reclusiam, pleased me a lot in regards to structure of its parts. However, here we have a real firedrake at mike. I am unable to understand the texts, as they all are in Latin. But I admit that dead language is very much on point here.
And the last track doesn't have voice part at all, i.e. it's instrumental. And it's very expressive and dramatic. The author managed to convey strong emotional charge through keyboard parties. There is a couple of places in the album where monolith and raw guitars somehow start to play black-metal figures in a strange way, and that's what I didn't like. But on the whole, Krief de Soli’s debut is an interesting and remarkable work. I recommend it to fans of genre.

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