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  • MISERY INC - Random End CD
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Druga duża płyta fińskiego zespołu grającego chwytliwy, ciężki i melodyjny metal dla fanów SENTENCED, SHADOWS FALL, CHILDREN OF BODOM, AMORPHIS, HIM.

Hardcore Sounds:
If I'd have to name the next big thing in finnish metal scene it would be this: MISERY INC.. With their first album M.I got very far by getting positive reviews from the media and creating a good reputation as a live band. And I must admit that the album was great but it still had something missing to be a total mass destruction weapon. It just missed something, and the missing part that "Yesterday's Grave" didn't fullfill will be found on their new album "Random End" which will be released on February 8th through Firebox Records.
This band can really compose catchy and ass-kicking songs. I have shared the stage with the band once and after seeing their live show I was really confirmed of their skills as a live band! If I'm honest there's absolutely nothing bad to say about this album, it´s a fucking kicks ass. It's really hard to write a review out of an album that is so good that you can listen to it without making critical notes about it all the time, I mean as a musician- point of view.
Sound are great, guitars sound heavy, hard and low. Drums have that basic so called "finnishmetal" sounds. I could compare them to Children of Bodom´s drumming. Vocals are the best and the most original thing in this band. Jules Näveri and Niko Mankinen have done excellent work in this album. The screams and the growls really show how dedicated and mature musicians they are. Both singers are very very talented and they sound amazing on this CD.
In the summary: One of the best finnish metal albums of the year 2006, no doubt. This band will get far, if they just want to, I'm pretty sure about that. Fans of In Flames and Soilwork go and grab this masterpiece! I am 100% sure that you will fall in love with this band like I did.

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