TANGORODRIM - Those Who Unleashed CD

  • TANGORODRIM - Those Who Unleashed CD
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Drugi duży album blackmetalowej sensacji z Izraela. Wznowienie w barwach Apocalyptic Empire Records. Pozycja obowiązkowa dla fanów HELLHAMMER, BATHORY, DARKTHRONE!

Metal Archives:
Two years since the debut’s release, these matalcoholists released another album, featuring 7 new anthems of evil, done in the best traditions, not so different from the debut (which is great!). The main differences are in the length of the album (the debut’s length was 26 minutes, which is just a bit longer than an average demo, while here you get 33 desecrated minutes) and in the fact that only 2 of the songs here are fully performed in Russian, while the rest is in English.
So overall it’s the same anti-priest Black Metal, characterized by simple drums and bass work + heavy and dirty sounding guitars, which breath Rock N’ Roll all the time. But it wouldn’t sound as evil without the vokiller’s voice, of corpse. Probably, instead of adding some solos here and there, the band decided to replace them with the guitar amp’s feedback sound, but there are enough Heavy Metal bands who play great solos, Tangorodrim’s music is still good even without them. Those who liked the first album – better put your hands on this one as well, it’s even a bit better in my opinion.
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