BILOCATE - Sudden Death Syndrome CD

  • BILOCATE - Sudden Death Syndrome CD
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Druga duża płyta niesamowitego atmosferycznego zespołu z Jordanii. Progresywny i mroczny death/doom metal inspirowany MY DYING BRIDE, OPETH. Za mastering odpowiedzialny jest Jens Bogren (OPETH, KATATONIA, BLOODBATH, AMON AMARTH, SYMPHONY X, PARADISE LOST).

Metal Archives:
They describe their music as "Oriental Dark Metal", while traditional Oriental influences are present, in the form of Eastern scales and the use of the Arabian traditional instruments like (Oud), the result sounds clearly European, 7 good tracks coming in at just over 50 minutes will stream into the listener.
The album begins and ends with an ambient music, which is sickly as an intro but with a new rearrangement into improved outro, the arrangements and songwriting are good, slow tempo, mid-range growl vocals, yes they are really dark. Plodding riffs and melancholic piano melodies frequently appointed. On the other hand, I felt the guttural vocals by Ramzi are similar to Mikael Akerfeldt. The track (Blooded Forest) is the hardest song on the album, The speedier death metal moments are only appreciative by the good classical piano playing and great guitar work. delighted undertone and clear guitars in the song (Ebtehal) were very good, as it moves on you can hear the sound of the vocals clearly. Running at more than 9 minutes, for me I felt that this song is a summation of two songs. and (Pure Wicked Sins) is just a shard of the old My Dying Bride and played and recorded well with an integration of clear and harsh vocals that takes the listener deeper into the gloom.
The riffing style is exelent, Tempos range from slow to fast and Bilocate are ready be creative to do the solos either, Soloing is professional here. The vocal performance is strong element too, Ramzi’s performance is usually guttural to the extent, reminding you of Akerfeldt’s growls, Clean vocals are present but prudent used.
The production is provided by Jens Bogren so they will make the ears remember Opeth and Katatonia, but they certainly create their own songs in dark / death / doom metal. This release is an important achievement for those guys, but its pushing them away and away from the doom metal stable, Bilocate have created within these fifty-one minutes, a great materialization of those who came from the desert lands. And it's done in a completely creative way, With the few murmurs here, Sudden Death Syndrome is an unique record.

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