TO CAST A SHADOW - In Memory Of CD (digipak)

  • TO CAST A SHADOW - In Memory Of CD (digipak)
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Drugi pełnowymiarowy album norweskiego kwartetu grającego gothic/doom metal inspirowany ANATHEMA, MY DYING BRIDE. Materiał nagrany został w Hamar Recordings w Norwegii z producentem Kristianem Siglandem (THE CREST, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY), na płycie gościnnie pojawił się Nell Sigland (THEATRE OF TRAGEDY), natomiast za artwork odpowiedzialny jest Matthew Vickerstaff (MY DYING BRIDE, CRADLE OF FILTH).

Lords of Metal:
The fairy tale of The Nordic To Cast A Shadow starts in 2007 with their debut record ‘All Alone’. Right from the start the music finds values and inspiration in the fullest tradition and the full admiration of old English doom metal like Anathema and My Dying Bride.
Four years later we get ‘In Memory Of’, again a record that shows where they get their inspiration and influences from. The original twist to the music must be found in the angelic voice of Gunnhild, which is the main voice besides the male grunting and growling. Gunnhild does not have the most remarkable voice of female metal singers, but she simply is the best addition to these tunes of doom and melancholy, and she does so with power and crystal clear cleanliness. Take in account a top notch production by Kristian Sigland (The Crest, Theatre Of Tragedy) and the mastering of Rikard Lofgren, and you get a quality album production wise, music wise and lyrically wise. Greatest of the great songs are ‘Morose’ and the twin solo song ‘Oceans Apart’, which even features a total Candlemass riff rip off, but who cares or even notices. The short song ‘Betula’ even features the vocal works of Theatre Of Tragedy singer Nell Sigland. This should have been a longer song in my opinion. All CD’s are packed in a luxury digi pack and feature artwork by Darkwave Artwork. In short, a great journey through the English countryside of doom metal…


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