DAVE PHILLIPS - ? CD (digipak)

  • DAVE PHILLIPS - ? CD (digipak)
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Unikalny, przedziwny noise/electronics projekt w wykonaniu byłego muzyka szwajcarskiej grind/noise legendy FEAR OF GOD - Dave'a Phillipsa!

Assembled between April and June 2009 as part of a therapeutic process during a period dominated by severe disturbances of loss, mental abysses and despair, "?" is the new gospel from Swiss experimentalist Dave Phillips, co-founder of grindcore legend Fear of God, a member of the sense perplexing Schimpfluch-Gruppe and the pulverizing force behind the Rudimentary Peni one-man-doom-drone worship act Dead Peni, among numerous other projects.

"?" offers a 79 minutes album of field recordings oriented compositions that feature murky cello, piano and accordion parts, nocturnal voices, a vast array of concrete snippets and more resonances of existences that give Albert Aylers' "Music is the healing force of the universe" new depths and meanings. "?" sees Phillips observing and carefully dissecting his human psyche into ten intimate and innovative music pieces, confronting them with the bile and degradation of the omnipresent while deconstructing his own ravage with a binding urge to cleanse. And it's a fascinating insight to listen to.

Brilliantly mastered by Rashad Becker.

"...The voyeuristic qualities of Luc Ferrari's concrète pieces, with Phillips pushing the psychosexual drama to the brink of self-annihilation" -- (Wire Magazine, July 2010, issue #317)

Deaf Sparrow:
Man, what a deranged record. It is one of the strangest I’ve heard in a looong time. It’s totally bizarre. And still, it is one of the most enjoyable. The whole of The Hermeneutics of Fear of God has the structure of one of those cut and paste deals. The songs (61 total) rarely go over the forty second mark and follow no pattern nor formula. Instead, we are treated to slices of noise,- some of it industrial, some of it hardcore punk and a little bit of metal – blocks of music that start and stop without ever peaking. It is almost as if there is no beginning, middle nor end. And there probably isn’t.
A few of the songs seem to be mere repetitions of a drum beat or of a simple bang. Some too brief to even establish a beat are two-to-three second snippets repeated half a dozen times. The voice, guttural and robotic, is filtered and distorted and resembles a bestial bark. There is a bit of feedback here and there.  The only strings seem to come from a bass, which is tremendously massive and quite saturated. At parts it seems like songs are about to kick off but as hastily as they start they dissolve. There is a lot of programming here and even though the drums sound very organic a drum & bass influence is quite evident.  It is all quite puzzling and very effective. This makes me feel like a rebel cyborg. It makes me think of an art project with a lateral side of social commentary. What it might be exactly I don’t know and wouldn’t venture to say.
Dave Phillips was part of the Swiss hardcore band Fear of God. After their break up Phillips took the noise electronic side, basically creating extreme experimental music. The Hermeneutics of Fear of God was created between 2002 and 2003 and it features Phillips actualization of the band’s work. He has cut and pasted song parts and has come out with this album. The result is surprisingly fluent. Intriguing and fresh and yet it’s like an ugly abomination you can’t help but keep on returning to.

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