VOMIT THE SOUL - Apostles of Inexpression CD

  • VOMIT THE SOUL - Apostles of Inexpression CD
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Nowa płyta włoskiej zabójczej maszyny! 8 utworów mocnego europejskiego death metalu zagranego w amerykańskim stylu (CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEVOURMENT, INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY, GUTTURAL SECRETE, PUTRID PILE).

Metal Archives:
When I first heard of this band, I was amazed about how nice the production was and how you could really hear the bass playing in the background. How often do you hear the bass in a song that sounds like a complete bad-ass? As soon as I heard Self Perception Veil I was hooked and i bought the album the next day on permeatedrecords.com/catalog. This record company is own by Andrea Anghileri (bass player of vomit the soul) along with other underground bands members.
As I sat and listen to the album, I begin to realize how great everything sounds with vocals, guitars, bass, and also the drums. Their complexity on how the way they play each song on the album made it easy for me to be drawn and become a fan of their work. Of course this is there second full length album, and they really improved on their music, also they change there logo, but i notice that not nearly enough people listen or even know who they are. When I told my fellow metal heads about Vomit the Soul they fell in love with them as I did.
The point being, that this band needs to be more known through out the metal universe for their complex style of music playing. I know that their underground and they probably don't want to be well known, but they are really great musicians and in my opinion the best metal band out there right now (next to fleshgod apocalypse and, hour of penance of course).

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