BURNING CASKETS - To Burn a False Prophet CD

  • BURNING CASKETS - To Burn a False Prophet CD
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Kanadyjska deathmetalowa maszyna dowodzona przez Korey'a Arnolda z ROTTING. Potężny amerykański death metal głęboko osadzony w latach '90-tych (OBITUARY, DEICIDE, CANNIBAL CORPSE). Debiutancki album!

Metal Observer:
BURNING CASKETS came together 'accidentally' by the formation of members from bands such as ROTTING, UNSCATHED, and AURAS. BURNING CASKETS had never really been intended to be a serious Death Metal band, but after some of the members of ROTTING posted a few jam sessions online, demands from fans quickly came in. After a few lineup changes, the band became ready to release their first debut on their own in 2011. Although "To Burn A False Prophet" is very short (less than thirty minutes), it offers a good collection of 'in your face, chugging and churning, and vengeful music.' While it tends to touch on all the old school Death Metal themes that came from groups like GRAVE and older CANNIBAL CORPSE, BURNING CAKSETS strives for their own sound through a mix of different styles that aren't as gritty and heavy as some of the old school Death Metal that so many worship; the production is pretty clean and the instrumentations are certainly melodic at times without falling into the generic mainstream sound that floods the market these days.
Vocally, BURNING CASKETS truly sounds like CANNIBAL CORPSE with those short, barking growls. They suit the style of the music perfectly because, like the vocals, the guitars, bass, and drums always seem to be in a non-stop firing mode as they blast away such as on tracks like "Mockery." There is a certain layer of crunching heaviness, but it is not too technical nor too overbearing that it sounds like Grindcore. Other tracks like "Covenant Of Hate" or "Wake Up Dead" sound more like a Death 'n' Roll kind of genre as the music tends to focus more on chugging and catchy riffs interspersed with solos. At first, "Wake Up Dead" seems like an instrumental, but vocals eventually appear for a little bit. Some might argue that their presence ruins the song - especially since they change from the usual growl to a more Hardcore-based gang vocal shout - and that the music would be much stronger as an instrumental alone, but this slight varation adds more energy to the music. For those looking for great instrumentals featuring lots of guitar, go listen to JOHN 5. BURNING CASKETS is meant for Death Metal alone.
Other great cuts on "To Burn A False Prophet" include "Resurrection Of Filth," which features some great melodic sections, a switch between the growls and twisted, spoken words that speak of the apocalypse, and to top it off, the drums sound as clear as ever, whereas others usually get buried in the back by the rest of the noise. "Prophecies of a Blackened Sun" also stands out with the hybrid of Death Metal and Hardcore vocals over fast, chugging riffs that seem to writhe like the sea when it is really pissed off, and one could really say that BURNING CASKETS are certainly pissed off (their slogan, after all, is 'Emo-bashing Death Metal').
So, ultimately, if you like modern Death Metal with slight Hardcore touches along with an old school attitude, and don't mind the brief length, then "To Burn a False Prophet" will certainly be enticing. It may seem like BURNING CASKETS is selling short, but they're currently hard at work on an interlude EP, along with plans for a sophomore release which will be faster, heavier, and all the more blasphemous.

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