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  • RABID DOGS - Rabid Dogs CD
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Debiutancki album RABID DOGS, włoskiego zespołu grającego intensywny i szalony grind/power violence.

Materiał nagrany został w Alien Recording Studio (TOOLS OF TORTURE, BOWEL STEW, SPERMBLOODSHIT).

Rabid Dogs is a band hailing from Italy that recently managed to release their self-titled debut. They promote themselves as grind n roll and to tell you the truth, I wasn't quite sure of what will follow when I got the album spinning. Yet, I managed to get in the mood from the very first song right after the intro.
I don't have much to say concerning the way they sound, the band says it all with just one phrase, "mixing grindcore, powerviolence, punk and rock n roll with pulp themes, Rabid Dogs will lead you to the filthy gutter of "spaghetti-land"… because violence is an Italian art!" I just couldn't agree more. Even the cover artwork is quite representative while the intro prepares the ground and strengthens the overall climate. You will witness welcome amounts of grinding violence and when you start feeling like destroying everything around you the overall sound changes into an aggressive form of rock n roll with sing along passages, pure rocking attitude and a heavier edge. Everything's here, violence, groove, great riffs, a wide variety of vocals (pig squeals, choking screams, careless sing-along oi! shouts, thrash-driven overloads of spitting words etc), pulsating bass lines, firing drumming and of course a massive core of expanding energy.
If Italian mafia had its roots in metal music then Rabid Dogs' self-titled work would be its official soundtrack from the inside. Rabid Dogs is a good first official attempt in discography with quite good production and a noticeable cinematic vibe at times. I'll keep an eye on them in the near or far future and I really hope they keep it up this way and achieve more.
Call your cannibal friends, empty the room from anything breakable, get a near liver failure experience, press the play button and trash n party until you can't party anymore! I don't think you'll be alive until the album's 31 minutes are over anyway.
"Silencio! Impianti politicanti di mierda!"

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