VENEREAL MESSIAH - Bleeding The Humans CD

  • VENEREAL MESSIAH - Bleeding The Humans CD
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Nowe dokonania nowojorskiej załogi! Zespół dowodzony przez właściciela SEVARED RECORDS więc nie będzie litości! Ultra brutalny, techniczny guttural death metal w amerykańskim stylu!

Teufels Tomb:
I’ve listened to brutal death metal for nearly two decades, and goregrind for at least a decade. I’ve heard thousands of albums from both of those genres, and in all of those years, and countless hours spent listening to these two styles of music, I’ve never heard anything like Rochester, New York’s Venereal Messiah. Whether that’s a good thing or bad, depends entirely upon how much you love brutal death metal and goregrind and how little you care about your physical, mental and emotional well being.
Venereal Messiah is a quartet consisting of Sevared Records’ owner and operator Barrett Amiss II (wouldn’t that make him Barrett Amiss Junior?) on vocals, Ken Grimsley on guitar, and the dual bass assault of Mike Scrivens (Malignant Decay, Perception of Hades, Apotamkin) and Teufel’s Tomb’s own Pantala Naga Pampa, formerly of Agiel, Nicaraguan Death Squad and currently ripping shit up with Abysmal Fall, all backed by a drum machine.
Stylistically, the group is equal parts dumbed down, simplistic goregrind imaginable and hyper technical brutal death metal. One minute they’re chugging along to a melody so simple even a down syndromed gorilla could play it, and the next minute they’re flying through some very intricate picking and bass lines. Throughout, the song structures are pretty original, and the band use some very odd time signatures for simplistic brutal music.
The vocals of Barrett Amiss II remind me greatly of Negligent Collateral Collapse and Eardelete‘s Paul. Think of the NCC classic “Runtime Error” where Paul goes on this extended burp/gurgle solo, now imagine that for a full 20 minutes, and that’s pretty much what you can expect to hear on Bleeding the Humans. The riffing of Ken Grimsley is solid, whether he’s shredding through some brutal death metal, or plodding away to some sloppy goregrind. The star of the band is the double bass. I’m not sure who’s doing what, but it seems one bassist plugs along at a steady pace, while the other flies along, laying down some pretty technical bass lines. It’s like one of them is playing bass like he’s in Death and the other is playing bass like he’s in a goregrind band, pretty nutty shit.
Bleeding the Humans isn’t something you’re going to listen to while splitting atoms, but it’s pretty sophisticated for brutal goregrind. The music is fun, dumb and ridiculous enough to keep me engaged and entertained throughout the album’s eight tracks and 19:19 running time. If you hate brutal death metal and goregrind, you will definitely want to soak your head in gasoline and set it on fire rather than listen to Venereal Messiah, but if you’re a fan of Sevared Records’ output, or goregrind and brutal death metal in general, this will definitely make you want to paint the walls with your blood, urine and feces. I assume that’s normal, right? Nothing weird about that reaction at all! Good shit… literally and figuratively.

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