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  • THE FORENSIC - The Becoming CD
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Druga duża płyta meksykańskiego THE FORENSIC. 8 utworów łączących skandynawski death metal ze starym BENEDICTION!

Metal Archives:
These soldiers of Mexican death metal scene strike with the second album in their career. Under very fine cover art I can find… yes, what do I exactly can find inside? Is it ‘melodic death metal’? For sure some melody is here but I do not think it is the way to name it just like that. To put it briefly I classify this band to… death metal. And this is death metal played with great feeling mixing old school (Swedish death metal and old Benediction stuff) and modern, good production with fresh ideas into the music. The band recorded eight songs (with sequence error in the layout!), it lasts 35 minutes.
I think the main idea of the band is to play interesting and varied kind of metal music and everything is begun by “I Refuse”, good opener with calm muffled guitars sounding very mysteriously. After few seconds it turns to death metal inferno – not so fast riffing with rhythmic drum poundings (identification mark of the band I think). During chorus The Forensic changes into blast volcano, but this way is rather exception on this album. The solo guitar lead is present here, just like another group of interesting riffs appearing about third minute. The next track “Hunter Of Flesh” holds forth mid tempo riffing with again guttural voices of Adrian. By the way, there is no variety in vocal lines during the album. After ninety seconds hunter goes to some dark recollections in the vein of old Hypocrisy, the same bizarre melody, but with clear-cut guitar lead. Good stuff for live show definitely! The third track “Sharing Thoughts” is opened by slow majestic guitars and steady drums, it reminds me of “Forever Gone” and mighty Desultory, really splendid effort, great remembrances coming to my mind, probably the song on the album… Again rather slow tempo with some riffs taken directly from thrash metal in the modern vein of last Testament/Exodus, circa 2:46 the band shows once again this beautiful motive from the start and changes structure of the song. The fourth track “Bred In Hate”, with fine group of riffs, becomes a real killing piece of death because of excellent guitar work resembling some old Benediction tunes (no imitation here!) and fine cooperation between musicians. It makes this song a real smashing piece of metal. Moreover I found some oriental melodies, or I am totally deaf… Also there is a fine speedup on the end. “The Beginning Of Your End”, again not so fast song, again in the vein of old Benediction with modern sounding, this track is approximate to the predecessor, with some changes of song structures and twisted melodious tunes. The sixth track “I Will Arise” has the most expansive and murderous beginning. The Forensic shows also some slowing down and mind-crushing riffs between fast parts and nice solo lead. The song ends abruptly but the best is yet to come…
The seventh song “My End” has some muted melodic sounds on the beginning, then it goes the proper way: hard heavy riffs with twisted melody reminding of “The Fourth Dimension” (Hypocrisy). There is no speedup, no blast, even some acoustic slow down (the only one on the album), just captivating aura conquering brain cells. The solo guitar lead is also specific, it takes my tired mind to the past. For sure this song provides positive emotions being the way to leave this atrocious earth. What a pity the band didn’t place “My End” on the end of the album. It is such a perfect for it, not only because of the song title…
Yes, and the last track “Realm Of Laments” is quite similar to the sixth song: fast opening, roaring Adrian and then turning to the mid tempo death metal with again (!) bizarre melodic tunes. The guitar solo lead is divided into two excellent parts. Till the end of the song (and the album) The Forensic flies to the own kingdom of masterly music…
To sum it up, these Mexicans mix the best components from the old school Swedish death metal (melody) and method of riffs creating (Benediction) with own musicianship, talent, no imitations and some kind of exotic feeling. The Forensic becomes (“The Becoming”) a really interesting and worth checking metal band. Maybe they should name their album for example “Realm Of Laments”? I think this title fits perfectly to the album content. But it is not important now. The most important thing is The Forensic is able to create really good metal music. And I await the third recording…

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