HAVOC (MEX) - Elimination Process CD

  • HAVOC (MEX) - Elimination Process CD
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Producent:American Line

Intensywny thrashmetalowy debiut z Mexico City. Połączenie starej szkoły thrashu (EXODUS) z nową szkołą (MUNICIPAL WASTE), podane na własny doskonały sposób!

My Last Chapter:
Hehehe, I do like the artwork, showing a fascination towards war, and kicking Jesus’ arse at the same time. And the war thing is something that carries on into the lyrics (with some exceptions of course). And one of those exceptions is Verbal abuse which goes "asshole, bugger, cunt, dickhead, cock sucker, scrote, shithead". This, while AK-47 is an ode to Michael Kalashnikov for creating “the most effective fire arm”, as they put it, followed by an ode to the weapon itself. So there’s definitely a fascination towards war.
The CD starts off with a sample of firing guns, screaming men and burning fire, and then the music sets in. And it’s evident right from the start that this is some energetic shit. Some pretty cool riffing, with the drumming pushing it forward and the frantic screams adding tons of energy. But what the vocals also do is build up a sort of restless desperation in my body. Unnerving and with shaking limbs I sit on the edge of my seat, ready to go off into a rampage.
In the faster tracks there’s tons of energy, whereas some of the more mid-paced tunes can become a bit too much ordinary thrash for my taste. And eventhough they don’t add anything new, in its entity it’s very enjoyable. Raw, harsh and pissed off is what it comes off as, full of attitude. They mix the old school with the new school, creating a very lethal thrash album full of enjoyable, energetic guitar riffing, a hammering, pummeling bass, raging drums and absolutely furious, frantic screams.

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