MEATLOCKER SEVEN - The Biological Mechanism Of Hate CD

  • MEATLOCKER SEVEN - The Biological Mechanism Of Hate CD
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Jedyna duża płyta kanadyjskiego zespołu grającego mocny i brudny death/thrash metal z naciskiem na to drugie!

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Meatlocker Seven were a thrash metal outfit from my hometown that split up in 2005, which marked the 10th year of their existence. It’s a real shame that I discovered them after they made the split. Oh well, that’s life. Their music is usually mid-paced and angry, solid thrash with some death metal flavour. An interesting little anecdote about the band is that they got their name from a meat locker in which they rehearsed in which was numbered seven.
The Biological Mechanism of Hate was the only full length album that Meatlocker Seven put forth, but this band was evidently quality over quantity, as this release is most impressive for underground thrashers. The first thing that surprised me upon listening to this album was the great production. Nice and crisp, and does justice to all of the instruments. That’s right, even the bass is audible in the mix and even serves as a highlight in songs such as the lengthy outro, Pyroclastic Flow. The vocals are another good feature of the sound. Bram Harvey uses a gruff and fast growl which gives the music a hint of death metal, however his vocals vary from the fast and aggressive, Godsick, to the slow paced crusher, Ground Level Sleep. There are even small amounts of clean vocals used in several songs, and thankfully, they don’t ruin them at all. Another interesting addition to the music is the use of samples, mostly at the beginning of songs but sometimes partway through. The samples always support the lyrical themes which often regard human weakness and destruction. The drums do their job just fine and even offer some cool sounding fills on opener, Isolate.
The Biological Mechanism of Hate is a solid debut by any standard, it’s just a shame it was the only full length the band ever put out. Nevertheless, it has made me interested in seeking out the EPs that Meatlocker Seven also released. The sound gets a bit repetitive after several listens, but I’m sure that’s something the band could have improved on. If you’re looking for some primitive, yet great sounding thrash, this is definitely an album to check out.

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