STILLNESS BLADE - Break of Second Seal CD

  • STILLNESS BLADE - Break of Second Seal CD
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Druga duża płyta STILLNESS BLADE z Włoch to solidny i brutalny death metal/grind inspirowany NAPALM DEATH, CANNIBAL CORPSE oraz BLOOD DUSTER.


My Global Mind:
With the current generation of death metal being all about melodic choruses and nicely sung clean vocals, it can be easy to sometimes forget just how uncompromising and full-on this style of music can be when it wants to.
My latest reminder was an earful of brutality from Italian extreme death metal act STILNESS BLADE and I still haven’t quite recovered from it.
This ain’t nice, commercial death metal like most of the kids these days know it as, no, this is ear-splitting, aggressive and fast death metal that is totally unforgiving. Okay, I guess these days we call this type of music GRINDCORE, but it is still death metal in essence and something should appeal to fans of both styles.
Judges purely on a musicality level, the album is great. The guitars are painfully sharp, the vocals are crazy and the super blastbeat drumming is fast enough and skillful enough that it surely has to be programmed, Which brings me to a related issue, the drums sound pretty ordinary as far as production values go. I understand this type of music is meant to be dirty, but still a bit more bass on the kick drum and a bit less high-pitched punch on the snare would have given this album a monstrous sound.
Fans of NAPALM DEATH, CANNIBAL CORPSE and BLOOD DUSTER all need to check this one out, there hasn’t been an album I’ve heard recently that even comes close to matching the ferocity found within these eight slabs of pure death.

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