KONGH - Counting Heartbeats 2xLP

  • KONGH - Counting Heartbeats 2xLP
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Miażdżący ultra ciężki doom/sludge prosto ze Szwecji!

Debiutancki album, teraz na podwójnym gatefold winylu!!!

Metal Archives:
Defining the musical landscape on Kongh's debut album Counting Heartbearts with a smart genre tag is much like trying to explain to my daughter why she can't have that third ice-cream in a row. Yep, you guessed right, it is a damn near impossle task and one that spawns an incredible sense of annoyance. There is however an immense difference between the sound of the two. While my daughter's whining is lethal to the heart and soul, Counting Heartbears is pure honey to the ears. The tosses and turns between progressive post-rock/metal, sludge/doom and even the occasional black metal sounding crustiness does in no way hurt the whole, quite the contrary in fact. It's a delicious smoargasboard with every scrumptious topping available! Imagine a musical marriage between Mastodon, Khoma, Leviathan and the latest (last?) Celtic Frost and I think your imagination should land at least in the nearby surroundings of Kongh. Or not.
Counting Heartbeats contains 5 track of which all clock in at over 11 minutes in lenght. The über-heavy Adapt the Void even stretches past the 15 minute mark. As you can tell this is not easy-listening music for Generation N.W.O.A.H.M (or New Wave of American Heavy Metal, as the purveyors of crappy melodic death metal likes to call it). It takes quite a few listens to fully grasp what they are trying to convey, but in the long run that works to the band's advantage and ensures a rich listening experience.
If you like a bit of a challenge when listening to music you should definitely check out Kongh. I guarantee you one hell of a musical ride! Their Demo 2006 was an amazing debut demo and Counting Heartbearts is, impressingly enough, an even better debut album. A 100% score is not far away. A bit more power in the production and this would've been perfect.

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