T.C.F. - Where Madness Reign CD

  • T.C.F. - Where Madness Reign CD
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Debiutancki album T.C.F. z południa Holandii to 13 utworów wysokoenergetycznego thrash/crossover dla fanów MUNICIPAL WASTE, ANTHRAX, SOD, DRI!

Dare to be different is what they say. This is exactly what Rob Slaughter (drums) and Hans Hostile (bass and vocals) thought when starting out with T.C.F. as a fun project next to their main bands Incremental and Enforcer. In a time when retro thrash was king the guys decided it'd be fun to do some uncomplicated old school crossover and mix in substantial hardcore influence in their sound. In just 3 sessions the 10 track "Core '88" demo was written Making. the demo was so much fun Rob and Hans decided to continue doing T.C.F., and look for a guitar player to complete the line up with Hans taking over bass and vocal duties. Through a mutual friend guitar player Nick was found and integrated quickly into the band. Over the year 2009 the band rehearsed and performed live for the first time. Later that year the first serious recordings with the full line up were made for a promo intended to gain some record label interest. The recordings were later released on the 5-track EP "Speed or Bleed". "Speed Or Bleed" was received exceptionally well by both fans and critics despite its short playtime of just 10 minutes. All this led to T.C.F. supporting the mighty Heathen on 3 dates of their 2010 European tour. Shortly after T.C.F. was signed to a small German record label for the release of the then yet to be recorded debut full length. Sadly the label didn’t live up to expectations and decided to quit overnight. T.C.F. decided to carry on recording despite the label going out of business. The album was recorded at the "independent recordings" studio in Utrecht with producer Quintijn Verhoef in the summer of 2011 and was released early 2012 on Malevolence Records, catalogue number MR-001. "Where Madness Reigns" features artwork by Guatemalan artist Mario Lopez and contains 13 tracks of face melting thrashcore/crossover. Be prepared for T.C.F.'s trademark 40 minute live blitzkrieg in 2012!!

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