REX SHACHATH - Sepulchral Torment CD (digipak)

  • REX SHACHATH - Sepulchral Torment CD (digipak)
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Sześć utworów oldschoolowego death metalu w stylu wczesnych lat '90-tych (AUTOPSY, GRAVE, ASPHYX). Debiutancka EPka, która wgniecie Cię w ziemię!

Having formed in late 2011, North Ireland’s Rex Shachath clearly wasted no time in concocting a storming death metal sound that perpetuates the raw and malevolent spirit of genre pioneers such as Autopsy, Grave and Aspyx and is now unleashed through their debut EP “Sepulchral Torment”. The Irishman may be young, but they already mastered the vital and true elements of old school death metal as “Sepulchral Torment” sees them fusing raw, feral riffs, severe, pounding drums and caveman growls with demoniacal results.

Schedule for release on September 07 via Hostile Media, the EP really summons the demons of Autopsy, Grave and Aspyx to the surface and is a solid indicator that Rex Shachath are on their way to becoming one of the most promising death metal acts from the UK.

Planet Mosh [9.5/10]:
As noted in our recent review of their debut hometown gig last month, Rex Shachath, as an entity, may be a new name to many but, individually, the various members are highly experienced and veterans of several stalwarts of the Belfast scene, such as Overoth and Condemned. And, just as that experienced manifested itself in a tight and impressive live appearance, so it transfers effortlessly to this excellent debut album.
The band – who take their name from a combination of the Latin for ‘king’ and the old Hebrew for ‘to corrupt, destroy’ – have a very simple mission statement… to give rebirth to the style of old school death metal which has been criminally subsumed in recent years by the desire of more and more bands to go down the progressive and technical routes. And it is a mission in which they succeed more than admirably, as the five tracks (six if you count the suitably apocalyptic nihilism of the opening ‘Intro’) on this debut mini-album truly are standard bearers for the traditional DM genre.
Tackling traditional genre subjects but giving them a suitably Northern Ireland specific twist – ‘Follow The Bastard Prophet’, for example, could be seen as a vicious attack on the minority Christian Caleban who dominate every aspect of life in this wee country, and ‘Blind From Birth’ is a stirring condemnation of the naked sectarianism which is bred into children before they even leave the womb – vocalist Dave delivers his lyrics with a venomous aplomb reminiscent of Corpsegrinder or a pissed-off Tom Warrior, while the rest of the band are equally hard-hitting and proficient.
The twin guitar attack of Andrew (an unassuming but influential character in the Norn Iron metal market, as he also plays in Overoth as well as owning ‘Molten’ magazine and running his own PR company) and Franky deliver volley-upon-volley of carnage-inducing, neckbreaking riffs, supported by short, stabbing and highly effective solo interludes, while the rhythm section of Eddie and Jay back everything up in a style that makes Operation Shock And Awe or whatever-the-feck it was called look like a kiddies’ sparkler on Halloween night.
Brutally brilliant stuff, and fully deserving of 9.5/10.

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