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  • WITHER - Wither CD
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Ponury i depresyjny black funeral doom z Australii. Jedna z lepszych płyt tego gatunku!

Metal Archives [100/100%]:
This Turannum Records released demo aptly called “Wither,” is depressive, blackened doom plucked from the heart of Australian duo, Wither, with music as deep and buried as their name is. Their brand of black doom is slow, funereal, and full of low moods and melodies. These three ambient passages play charming melodies soiled with the scent of fresh graves and are sure to leave a lasting impression.
The disc starts up with “Metropolitan,” making the air as thick as Antarctic ice. Very strong bass pulsations pull your entire body into the song and dread chorded guitars lull along at a steady pace as do the clarified drums. Vocals cut in from out of nowhere, with a distinctly black metal sound. Apart from a faint comparison found in some of the guitar melodies, the vocals are the real black metal addition to Wither. The guitar solo falls apart from the rest of the body and hints at the theme of despair and walking alone. Still floating along, “Antropolitan” is a bit more militant right off bat, as the gruff vocals meet you in the beginning. The atmosphere is darker and yet, the clouded guitar melody found inside is lighter. Lumbering to an end, you’re met with urgency as the pace fastens and the guitar distortion increases. Finishing with a hair-raising, ghastly scream, your heart will skip a beat. “Cosmos” is an interesting region with the new texture of warm, clear vocals and instrumentation not hidden in a fog, coming more to the front. The light at the end of the tunnel is the best way to describe it. Though a vastly different experience, a melancholic face still stares on this farewell song. 
With but a two-track split with Germany’s Worship and this self-titled EP to their names, Wither may fall short in their discography, but the music is enough to add air-thinning heights. Such rich phrases and unexpected turns, “Wither” may be brief and seem unsubstantial, but you couldn’t be more wrong in thinking that. Funeral doom with black metal etched in at its best is what Wither bring to the plate.

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