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Split dwóch pagan blackmetalowych zespołów z Anglii.

Planet Mosh [8/10]:
Split ep’s are always an interesting subject where you get unlikely combinations of bands combining together to put out professionally done eps.
In this case you have got black folk metalers Old Corpse Road combining with none other than The Meads of Asphodel (with this current incarnation having none other than the legendary Alan Davey of Hawkwind/Gunslinger/Bedouin fame guesting as a “Bass Assassin”).
OCR explore a range of classically laced folk black metal the opening track (Hob Headless Rises) contains what can only be described as an haunting piano melody before the Dimmu Borgir type vocals kick in and the speed dramatically increases before slowing down for a tradition folk metal chant ending.
The Devil’s Footprints is a traditional black metal track in the vein of 13 Candles complete with voiceovers and haunting melodies.
The Witch of Wookey Hole is a somewhat punkish affair which leads nicely into The Meads of the Asphodel’s section on the cd.
The Meads of the Asphodel have always had a somewhat punkish edge to them and this split e.p exemplifies this.
Opening track (The Embalming of Gods) is merely an intro to the rest of the e.p and leads nicely into a spoken word narrative opening up On The Surface where Alan Davey’s unique sounds and lyric writing are very evident on the superbly crafted track.
Now it has to be said I am not the biggest fan of cover versions in the world, however, the tracks that The Meads have chosen to cover are well thought out and have some unusual twists in them with the highlight being the gloomy, almost gothic twist on the Kinks “You Really Got Me”.
Highlights of this split e.p:
Old Corpse Road – The Devil’s Footprints;
The Meads of the Asphodel – a tie between On The Surface and War Drum (which sounds so Meads you would have thought they wrote it!);

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