DREAMS AFTER DEATH - Embraced by the Light CD

  • DREAMS AFTER DEATH - Embraced by the Light CD
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Producent:Endless Winter

Debiutancki album funeral doommetalowego zespołu z Węgier! Doskonałe dla fanów EVOKEN, SKEPTICISM, DOOM:VS.

Metal Archives [80%]:
As I was checking the doom metal releases of the label Endless Winter, I noticed that the one-man metal band Dreams After Death has released the debut album, "Embraced by the Light", in the ending of 2011, so I decided to check this record immediately. The total sound of the tracks is really atmospheric and that was really my cup of tea. The album opens its arms with the track "Genesis" that has been previously released on the band's first demo album, and the heavenly keyboards and the dreamy environment of the track have been surrounded by a real slow drumming performance which gave this track a pure atmospheric flavor. The same slow atmosphere continues in the track "Funeral", though this track has more dynamic lead guitar performance and more interesting elements. The tracks "Meeting With The Ancestors" and "The Endless Time" contain a lot of keyboards sections which made the whole sound predictable and boring most of the time.
As a doom metal fan I hate to hear the sound of the keyboards leading the tracks all the way to create an excessive dreamy sound, and that's why I fell in love with the track "Funeral" and the track "From Time Immemorial" more than the other tracks. If you are into the slow atmosphere of the bands Shape Of Despair and Evoken, then I am pretty sure that you will love the total sound of this record. The harsh vocals in the tracks gave a huge depth to the instruments and completed the atmosphere, and I really loved every single vocal part here.
Overall, I didn't imagine that a one-man metal band from Hungary will have the ability to create such an atmospheric record, and every track on this album has been created well to satisfy the fans of Evoken, DOOM:VS, and Skepticism. Get your copy of this album now from the doom metal label Endless Winter and start sinking in this unlimited void of heavenly music.
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