KRATORNAS - The Corroding Age Of Wounds CD

  • KRATORNAS - The Corroding Age Of Wounds CD
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Druga duża płyta jednoosobowego zespołu z Fiipin. Solidny grind/black zagrany na przyzwoitym poziomie.

Metal Archives [96%]:
I find something special in one-man bands and that "something" is very interesting to say the least. Kratornas is one of those one-man bands. In the other hand, it's a fact that easily falls to that "love them or hate them" category, being one of these typical examples that cannot stand in anything between, it will either sound amazing or disgusting. Yeah, you guessed corrent, chances are that you will love this! "The Corroding Age of Wounds" is the second full-lenght and after some repeative spins I can easily say: there's some very intense stuff in it. Quite a few steps forward and without compromising anything from the past, Kratornas delivers again it's sickness. These steps forward can be observed from the very begining, and yes, once again it's brutal as fuck!
Let me start with the basics, the song structure became a little more certain. The chaos and the fog which obscured (positively) all previous Kratornas releases is now somewhat elevated, resulting in a more "crystal" production. There riffs are very evident, catchy; but not lame, very well composed and multi-dimentional, expanding in all the black/death spectrum. As I see it, the whole outcome shows a more close approach to traditional black metal, more black than before, leaving all "alien" elements of the past out. The infamous drum-machine still exists and of cource fits very well. Additionally, the sinister vocals of mr. Bruno Zamora (the mastermind behind Kratornas) are ripping everything in their path. All these ingredients which made Kratornas special are present, in fact nothing has changed but everything has evolved the only way possible, to the very best.
To summarize, as far as I'm concerned this is Kratornas' most solid release until now. Yeah, I addmit that I like virtualy everything Kratornas ever released, but I can surely say that this CD turns to be a real gem, from the cover art until the smallest detail. With that huge proportion of it, Kratornas is forming a personalized, vast and distinctive style that is soon to classic in the mind of every maniac out there. A sincere and true statement against these massive waves of the new plastic black-death "underground" mainstream. Nothing more, nothing less, only pure, hyper-fast, insanely brutal, inspiring, energetic and moshing black metal ov death. Mastered at Necromorbus Studio (Sweden) and the cover artwork was painted exclusively by Kris Verwimp; not to forget that the die-hard version comes with a patch and a button; hell yeah! In conclusion, do a nice treat to yourself and get a copy right fuckin' now! No joke. Feel every minute of this in-your-face outburst, experience this mutilation and let it crush you again and again. Hey Bruno, well done, very well done...

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