GOREPOT - Fermenting The Chiba Seeds CD

  • GOREPOT - Fermenting The Chiba Seeds CD
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Trzecia duża płyta GOREPOT z Tajwanu!

Brutalny slam death metal z elementami grindcore'a!

Metal Archives [90%]:
This is the first album I've heard from this band. I saw an ad for this on a grind/death/slam metal promotion website, and I was interested in what the band sounded like (the cover artwork sure caught my attention, haha). Needless to say, this is an amazingly gory, slamming, brutal, and just plain rancid piece of shit... just what I love in a good (gore)grind album! Although it had its blood-drenched gore moments, it's lyrical themes consist mainly of sickening brutal porno topics, such as "Procrasterbating Hi**er Porn" and "G** C** Tunnel" (I also really liked the humor-themed songs, such as "Like Our Page On Facebook" and "Chocolate Pain"). Nonetheless, this is a very good album that many grind/slam fans will find appealing.
Let's start by talking about the drum programming. Yes, it's OBSCENELY common for (gore)grind bands to program super-speedy double bass, but it really annoys me, since the end result turns out sounding like someone left their goddamn Nokia on vibrate during the song recording. Other than that, it turned out sounding great, and there's a very audible, natural-feeling connection between the guitars and the drums. The guitar work is your classic slam breakdowns, grooves, and unintelligible super-speeding riffs, but with Gorepot's undeniably astounding twist to it. The vocals are one of the big highlights of the record, going from filthy, low-pitched gutturals to screeching pig squeals that sound beyond human capability.
These guys know humor, too. I enjoyed the Family Guy intro to "Shit Stained Maxi Pad" and the "This Is SPARTA!" remix song that jumped in right in the middle of "Let The Good Times Roll." I highly recommend this album to big slam fans who want some good 'ol, vomit-regurgitating, shit-splattering tunes. This is an extremely awesome band with a great new release that makes me highly anticipate their next horribly disemboweled work of art.

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