SAWHILL SACRIFICE - Deus Humana Satanas CD

  • SAWHILL SACRIFICE - Deus Humana Satanas CD
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Debiutancki album fińskiego SAWHILL SACRIFICE grającego death/thrash z mnóstwem blackmetalowych wpływów.

Metal Temple [9/10]:
First let me get my juvenile jokes out of the way. The Finnish band members of SAWHILL SACRIFICE gave themselves names that are way too easy to twist around in a silly way. I would have thought by this point they would have changed them after being referred to as Thin Mints, Pee Pee Blade, Panda Sex, Boner Sandwich, Lima Beans.
Ok, whew… now that I got that off my chest…. "Deus Humana Satanas" hits the ground running with "Void". Right out of Hell's gate you can tell this is a well-produced release from a band that knows exactly what they want to play and how to play it.  This is unapologetic Black Metal, walls of sound that encase dead trees with non-believers hanging from every branch.  This is the album NACHTMYSTIUM needed (But failed to) make after "Assassins: Black Meddle, Part 1".
SAWHILL SACRIFICE keeps the onslaught going through "Unhola" and "Wendigo", and then gives you a hint of relenting with "God In Man", but it was only false hope. At this point I am starting to feel bad about making fun of their names.  This is album is awesome and I don't care what they call themselves.  I'll even accept the corpse paint. This album fucking slays. "Slow Black Rain" (track 5) is the best track on the release. It showcases the bands musicianship without becoming a circle-jerk and doesn't ease off in any way. It is a punishing track.
I enjoyed this entire album. I would highly recommend this band for anyone that is into Black Metal with balls. Get it. Now.


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