FLESH MADE SIN - Dawn Of The Stillborn CD

  • FLESH MADE SIN - Dawn Of The Stillborn CD
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Debiutancki album holenderskiego zespołu grającego mocarny thrash metal inspirowany RAZOR, SACRIFICE, KREATOR, SLAYER, DESTRUCTION czy DEATHROW. W składzie byli oraz obecni muzycy SAURON, LEGION OF THE DAMNED, BUNKUR, THE NEW DOMINION.

Metal Archives [93%]:
Long have you been escaping from our reach, oh brutal thrash metal, and yet still you return to us. Flesh Made Sin is a new band on the scene, for sure, but they know their part of the work. This is the Demolition Hammer of modern thrash, here! Goddamit this rocks! Ok... let's see... how does this sound like? Well we got the fast drumming simmilar to Demolition Hammer, the riffing simmilar to Slayer, Kreator, Destruction, and Possessed, and the vocals simmilar to Flesh Made Sin. All in all a innovative solution without actually being a copy, paste band to any of those mentioned above. The songs are all a good mix of brutality and technique, with interesting tempo changes and even more interesting drumming. And whats even better, the songs are never boring, even when they last for 6 minutes. Speaking of 6 minute songs... they rule. They actually don't bother with stupid interludes, melodic parts, or some shitty riffs, or silence, they simply rock your guts out with style! Highlights include: Dawn of the Stillborn(6 mins of pure thrash, something every thrasher loves), Crowned In Torment and The Cleansing. Though every song here is a complete winner. Waiting for the sky to fall on your head? I hope not. BUY. THIS. NOW.

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