BOILER - Atula der Druckluftkonig CD

  • BOILER - Atula der Druckluftkonig CD
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Producent:666 Strings

Debiutancka płyta niemieckiego BOILER. 17 utworów solidnego grind/death metalu na najwyższych obrotach!

Metal Archives [70%]:
First things first, I don't know a single word of German. In my old high school, all they taught us was French, which was so gay in itself that I didn't bother to learn that either. So the few samples and utterings and children talking that occasionally introduce the tracks on this album make no sense to me. I'm presuming they're comedic in some way as they don't seem very sinister, and the songs are quite bouncy, which makes me think that this album is meant to be more fun than serious.
And fun it is! Vocals are low and gurgly, the riffs are heavy and constantly changing in tempo, the slower variety sometimes treading into slam territory. 'Radical Spastic Impact' is definately the best track - there's a fuckload of riffs, about eight tempo changes, and just a really great albeit admittedly just 'fun' atmosphere - if you like Devourment, you'll like this. The rest of the album is great too, although it gets just a little dull towards the end as the variation wears thin a bit. The album is a good length though, as it only just tops half an hour, the perfect length for this style of music.
Of course, there are very few memorable parts, except for some of the jumpy rhythms on the slower sections, but my favourite parts are the faster blurs, or when they alternate quickly between the slow and speedy sections, like on 'Beer Based Disorientation', another standout track. But who gives a fuck about memorable sections when you get classic brutal death like 'Radical Spastic Impact'? Really, this is good brutal death and I'm surprised that it's so unknown, and that this band has no demos or anything, just one standout album that no one has heard. I think the album would improve with a few less silly moments, some of the mid-paced/slow parts that frequent more towards the end are kinda dumb, like in 'Furchtect Euch', it seems like they were trying to make their music a bit more memorable, but I could care very little about how memorable something is. At least they are no overly-dumb gimmicks, like cover pop songs or whatever.
Overall, this is a good brutal death metal album, more fun than serious - more Devourment than Krisiun, but still well worth getting because of this. Gets a thumbs up from me, for sure.


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