SEPTEKH - Apollonian Eyes CD

  • SEPTEKH - Apollonian Eyes CD
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Cztery nowe utwory unikalnego brudnego thrash/black metalu ze Szwecji. Przywodzi na myśl KREATOR, DARKTHRONE, DISFEAR, MOTORHEAD, SLAYER...
"While “dirty thrashy death metal” may be a reasonably accurate summing up of the band’s sound, there’s a lot more going on in this EP than that label suggests, and the result is as interesting as it is a shitload of fun. It’s hell-raising genre blending that works, and works very well indeed." Islander -Nocleansinging
Metal Temple [7/10]:
One thing is clear that is the Swedish Metal scene is one of the most active and most prestigious with bands of different styles. It is not by chance that acts like EUROPE, ENTOMBED or OPETH are in the first row and are a source of influence in the entire world. Among the new groups that are trying to build their status is SEPTEKH, a quartet of Thrash / Death Metal that comes straight from Stockholm and seems to have the right ingredients to be distinguished from others of the same style.
"Apollonian Eyes" is the second EP in the counter of SEPTEKH after the first called "The Seth Avalanche". This EP is a warm up for the next Full length album planned in the next month. "Apollonian Eyes" amazed me with the speed of the riffs and the well drumming filled with Blast Beats super controlled. But what most attracted my attention is the very rough mix of all the instruments, it looks like they want to pass a message with this kind of production, which certainly gives more personality. By focusing more on the studio side, I liked the saturated sound of the guitars, with the very vintage sound of the bass. I found the drums also very raw and original with a little post effects, like a 80s sound.
The four songs with a length of more than 15 minutes making up this EP, are usually with a very fast tempo, which is normal for the style of SEPTEKH which is in my opinion a crossover between MOTORHEAD, SLAYER and EMPEROR. The opening is with the song "Apollonian Eyes" with trends of Punk / Hardcore and the voice of Nils Meseke that simulates the calls of torture and suffering. Just after, "Burn It To The Ground" a song that was very catchy and stayed into my mind the first time I heard it, plus a super cool solo at the end of the song. The parts with fast tempo are always present and it is confirmed in "Cursing The Skies", a song full of energy. "Vlad Tepes" is a track with more heavy lines and grooves one other time, with more melody and research on the six strings, and it's a song also reflects more pain and sadness in the singing and the lyrics…
It should also be mentioned that there's a Rock N’ Roll attitude that combines oddly with Thrash / Death played in their music. It is in their look and even the kind of guitar used by David Wikström it is so personalized and very special. The next album will confirm all the tendencies around this band.
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