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Nowy zespół muzyków znanych z ALIENATION MENTAL i MINCING FURY AND GUTTURAL CLAMOUR OF DECAY. Ekstremalnie brutalny death/grind z Czech!!!

From Czech, the crazy Perfecitizen spawn us, after their promo in 2011, their highly anticipated debut full length album entitled ''Through''! This band is impossible to define, but you might try this, Extreme Brutal Technic Melodic Death Grind Heavy Funky Rock Neo Blast Fucking Core, is rather long but the only way possible to describe ''Through'' which is really an exceptional release for its fucking originality and unique side very recognizable that give us a lot of trouble to put this band in a category coz it doesnt exist! Composed of former members of Alienation Mental and Mincing Fury... Perfecticizen is Tomas on Guitars and Bass, Olda on vocals, Jarda on drums and the trio shows how repulse the fucking limits of extreme and musical knowledge! The riffs of Tomas are totally fucking insane, played with originality, virtuosity and brutality, Olda on vocals did a very diversified job from Brutal Death, Death, Deathcore to one or two moments of clean vox and Jarda on Drums is still as impressive if not more, compared to usual with his incredible ability with blastbeats, technical and original parts! With their knowledge of Brutal Death Fucking Metal from the middle 90s being involved in bands such as Alienation Mental, you cant really compare Perfecitizen with other Core bands coz their shit is completely fucking different and stands out from the Core music in general, with the extreme side very involved! A word about the production, mixing and sound of ''Through'', perfect, all fucking aspects are made of an impeccable fucking way and raise the quality of this outstanding record! An album to all fans of extreme music in all its shapes, a must in the world of extremity! Unique Impressive brutality!

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