FAITHXTRACTOR - The Great Shadow Infiltrator CD

  • FAITHXTRACTOR - The Great Shadow Infiltrator CD
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11 utworów mrocznego i brutalnego deathmetalowego piekła prosto z Cincinnati w stanie Ohio. Druga duża płyta zespołu złożonego z muzyków ESTUARY i CRUCIFIED MORTALS.

Heavy Metal Tribune [90%]:
The visual aspects of FaithXtractor, from the band logo to the fonts used to the artwork on their sophomore full length album The Great Shadow Infiltrator all point towards something modern and even futuristic, and being unfamiliar with the band I almost expected the band to be one that plays modern brutal death metal in the veins of bands such as Wormed or something.
But what FaithXtractor presents on The Great Shadow Infiltrator is old-school as fuck, and the band makes this explicitly clear right from the start of the album. As the aural onslaught hits the listener, one is quickly reminded of classic death metal acts that show off the ingenuity in the band’s songwriting skills. The riffs that the duo unleash range from the crushing, low-end trem-picked style that John McEntee and co. have popularised, to the more abrasive style of Swedish old schoolers such as Entombed and Grave. The alternating between full on blastbeats and a more punkish, d-beat style of Ash further reinforce this Swedish death metal comparison, and throughout the album such moments rear their ugly head, potentially causing a one-man moshpit to erupt.
At the same time, that crushing and oppressive atmosphere that the band manages to conjure on the album brings about some nice comparison to New York bands such as Incantation and Immolation, definitely a nice touch to the already brutal and relentless attack on the listener. The chaotic and technical leads and guitar duals that Ash and Marquis engage in even reminds one of Floridian bands such as Morbid Angel and maybe even some slight Death influences, with the more groovy moments on the album conjuring some Jungle Rot or Bolt Thrower imagery as well. Fuck, there are even some death/doom sections on tracks like the title track The Great Shadow Infiltrator, with the usage of the background ambient.
To add to the old school formula, the production quality on The Great Shadow Infiltrator is raw as fuck, with just enough mud to reinforce the old school character of the band.
While old school emulators of late tend to focus solely on one particular style of death metal, FaithXtractor has managed to stand out from the rest in this aspect, taking some elements from each of the different styles, putting them together to create one hell of a journey and experience for the old school death metal diehard fan.
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