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  • ATOMCK - Never Work CD
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Pełen dysonansów brytyjski grindcore! Album pierwotnie wydany był na kasecie oraz jako digital download, teraz został wydany na CD z 19 bonusami; razem 38 utworów.

Wyspiarska odpowiedź na DISCORDANCE AXIS - J. Randall (AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED)

Grind To Death zine:
One thing people can never call Atomck is boring, love them or loathe them their work occupies an exclusive tangent of music, a resonance of that wave length that imbues their work full of inventive albeit unorthodox gateways that perplex as much as they do grind.
Never Work their second studio full length, a follow up from quantum musical minefield "Yes to Alien Victory", is very much in the same vein of its quasi-experimental-progressive-grind surrealism predecessor, only with more traction, clarity and everything inherently Atomck. Starting with doom-riffic opener Desert Blast, Atomck set the stage for peace, only for the tail end of the track to open up to a series of disorientating cacophonies, a modus operandi set in motion with their trademark thrice layered majestic clamour. It is this triarchy of daze, hypnotise and grind that forms the core of their content with notable exception to the out of the blue mid-release noise mongering of No Sleep to Trutnov, colabarated between Linus and Winters in Osaka, and a secondary entanglement with noise with the boisterous rabble of Atoknong.
However dissecting their core armament, the most ambitious and shocking element in their aberrant exploitation is without a doubt the fantastical and sometimes inexplicable range and dynamic of vocal contortions. From ear-bone splintering highs of seemingly alien peaks, to backwater gruffs and bellows, the vocal experience is unforgettable and boasts a fluidity that allows it to jump from pitch based zeniths to nadirs without transition.
Guitars ever faithful to their dualistic progressive and grind via absurdism roots posses a logarithmic flare, but one born of an mathematical anomaly rather than any conformative technical skill set. The guitar tone employed has a distinct needle-pointed sharpness and agility to it, but without hesitation jumps into something beefier for those more entropic moments. Drums are likely the only anchor to normality the band possess, normality being a relative and distorted point of contact by now, although not fixated on rampant blasts, the drums give a flexible referential drive to the release, their output directly analogous to the guitars.
Its bohemian grind at its most tempered, radical yet not excessive, boldly presenting something engaging in a curios rarity. Atomck have refined their modular brain storm grind, to a point of great finesse, truly worthy of your attentions.
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