EMBLAZONED - The Living Magisterium CD

  • EMBLAZONED - The Living Magisterium CD
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Blackujący death metal z Wisconsin. Połączenie blackened death metalu w stylu LECHEROUS NOCTURNE z deathmetalową estetyką ARSIS. W składzie byli i obecni muzycy JUNGLE ROT i DECREPIT BIRTH.

Okładką autorstwa Rafała Wechterowicza!!!

Metal Archives [100%]:
This new EP by Emblazoned is an absolutely amazing listen all the way around. This is the first material I have ever heard from this band and I am glad that this gets me off on the right foot and gets me interested in what the band has to offer. Plenty of influences are here and a depth of brutality so sickening you’ll find yourself trying to choke down the bile you feel from the very first note. You are guaranteed the full onslaught of hell with the 5 tracks on this EP.
“Premonition” is the intro here and is a nice way to start off things in a rather typical, dronish type fashion. With the start of the track, “Extinction of Creation”, you hear so many things it is sure to send your mind racing to find whatever safe haven there is if such a thing even exists. The opening riffs have a blackened tinge to them and they complement the drums rather nicely. Aside from the intro, there is no segway into the brutality of the first track. You have the intro and that intro is your 1 and only warning to strap yourselves in and prepare the best you can for the pure unadulterated thrashing that your soul is about to endure. You definitely hear influences here but I cannot think of any band that sounds like Emblazoned. These guys are unique and the delivery is fresh and tight. On top of that, they have mastered the fine art of multitasking from one genre to the other and have it down to an exact science. The blending of these genres is so precise and seamless and that can only come from seasoned musicians who work hard and take pride in their art. The low to mid-range riffing, drumming, bass, and vocals each have their purpose and any one aspect does not override any of the others. “Bound by Eternal Penance” is a strong tune in its own right, but the best track on this EP has got to be “Refuge in Darkness”. It is such a dominating track and probably the most diverse of the 5. It has an unbelievably strong Dark Funeral vibe to it and the drum work reminds me a bit of Dismember. If you listen real close, you can also pick up a bit of Sodom and Destruction. “In Ex Cathedra” ends this EP in a nice slaughtering fashion and when all is said and done here, your hopes of maintaining any metal sanity are extremely slim. A very powerful outing for this band and it gets a 10 out of 10 on all levels.
If you are into bands such as Vader, Malevolent Creation, Dark Funeral, Dismember, Incantation, Internal Bleeding, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Cryptopsy, Obscenity, Varathron, Belphegor, Hypocrisy, and Monstrosity, then do yourselves a favor and get this CD EP. Just when you think you’ve heard the most brutal sound that a band can make it’s guys like those in Emblazoned that come along and push those boundaries a little bit further than any of us thought they could be. And, while everything may be straightforward on this release, these guys are extremely innovative in terms of creation, presentation, and delivery. Emblazoned are definitely one of the highest class acts in underground metal and they definitely have my support and respect. It was an absolute honor to review this release for them and for their label Deep Send Records.
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