DEFILEMENT - Revel In Madness CD

  • DEFILEMENT - Revel In Madness CD
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10 utworów brutalnego death metalu prosto z Serbii! Debiutancka płyta, która przypadnie do gustu fanom CANNIBAL  CORPSE, DEICIDE, SUFFOCATION.

Metal Archives [85%]:
Brutal death metal. This genre is well known for its massive blast-beating drums. Low tuned ultra-distorted guitars, and extreme guttural vocals. "Defilement" here has accomplished them all (along with a well-chosen name and lyrical theme) creating a great abattoir among the 10 tracks of "Revel in Madness"! So let's manipulate, grind some bowls and spread them all around. It's been a while since I last listened to a proper brutal death metal album. Truth is, I've never heard of a band from Serbia before, which was overwhelming to my ears. Although I may know nothing about that country's metal scene, this album surely fills me with hopes for Serbian music.
Let's have a look to the lyrical theme of the band: "Defiling of Christianity through brutality." What can I say? Fucking genius! It's well known how Christianity was forced upon Europe by its brutal ways of torture. However, the album art is distant from that idea, and too close to the mainstream image of guts and blood of mutant corpses. I think it's enough talking about the album cover and let's get to the butchery within the music. The more I listen to it, the more I smell burnt flesh all around.
What we have here are extremely distorted, low-tuned chainsaw guitars with heavy mind blowing riffs, sick gory break downs and speed picking, giving an extremely sick and mean atmosphere. As in every track, guitars are shredding as the bass comes to grind the slashes of the shattered guts all over the place. You can clearly hear the bass guitar playing over everything, adding more aggressiveness to the music itself. Drums are way too fast and skilled, giving a feeling of insanity, and loosing the neck for an ultimate headbang, speed rolls and blast-beats and an extremely heavy sound!
The vocals are my favorite part in this album. They are not of that beg-n'-squeal voice or that unheard vocals style, no. You can hear it clearly: extreme, brutal and aggressive yet heard and is overall firm vocalization.
After I've enjoyed this album, I need to say a few things here. This band really needs better recording, and, in my point of view, more techniques in their music won't make it less brutal than it is, but will instead boost the ear experience of the fans.
Wishing you the success you deserve and better recording quality in the upcoming years.
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