• NUCLEAR AGGRESSOR - Condemned To Rot CD
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11 utworów mrocznego i intensywnego thrash metalu w starym sprawdzonym stylu, prosto z Włoch!!!

Headbangorgtfo [4.5/5]:
Nuclear Aggressor just comes straight in and rocks your ass off for 10 straight songs. This band has the speed, fury and sound of the thrash bands straight from the 80′s. This is some true Slayer type shit. A REAL headbanger. Grab a beer or 7, chug them and MOSH.
Not only is this perfect headbang and mosh material, I’m just rocking out as I sit here at my desk chair and playing air guitar. The riffs are relentlessly fast and full of hammer ons, pull offs and tremolo speeds that would make Kerry King’s wrist ache. This is pure early 80′s thrash with a beefy modern sound. Drum work is intense and the vocals are raw, exhilarating and loud. Even when the band starts a song off slow, like on “Praise to Insanity”, the slower tempo doesn’t last long as the band kicks it up another 100 bpm’s and begin to thrash yet again!
Finally a song that is slower! “The Grave Awaits” is a more groovy song as the riff takes over your body and makes you headbang harder than ever. This song is the slowest one on the album, but even then…it’s only slower for half of the song! I really like the end bass riff on this song. The album ends with the title track, and yes, it’s furiously fast.
This album FUCKING RULES. It’s been so long since I’ve heard straight up thrash with this much fire under it’s hood. This is incredible! This is a mega hit with me and it’s right up there with the AAA releases with Exhumed and Revocation. Amazing writing, musicianship and intensity!!!!
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