HATRED SUPERSTAR - Bastards International CD

  • HATRED SUPERSTAR - Bastards International CD
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Szybki, perwersyjny black/thrash metal z Francji. W składzie ekipa znana z BRUTAL REBIRTH. Materiał nagrany w Sound Suite Studio (DESTROYER 666, CARPATHIAN FOREST...)

HATRED SUPERSTAR was born in the suburbs of Marseille (France) back in spring of 2010.
TROMA CERVANTES gave light and shape to the project, helped by ROTPIET (guitar / arrangements) and ZK INTERNATIONAL (vocals / writings).
Led by thrash / black and somewhat death metal influences, HATRED SUPERSTAR raises from massive violence, pornography, fanaticism, perversity and from any other hidden concepts rejecting mediocrity and frustration.
Soon a promotional video, directed and produced by YO of C.V.M. is recorded, with reporter of the devil being the sexy bitch MISS M., who represents the band and its world. Then a 4 tracks demo comes out, also featuring THE DISTILLER and EATER F. on drums and bass.
Currently searching for a serious label, the new complete line-up has now recorded its first full length in December 2011 at SOUND SUITE STUDIO ( Destroyer 666, Carpathian Forest…).
Ultra-violence just got a new moniker, and this is HATRED SUPERSTAR.
By the end of 2012, HS inked a deal with french label Trendkill Recordings, "Bastards International" will finally see the light of the day as CD, LP and Digital on 13th of September 2013 !

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