ERAZOR - Dust Monuments CD

  • ERAZOR - Dust Monuments CD
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Drugi album ERAZOR! Energetyczny i intensywny black/thrash metal z Niemiec. Mocna fascynacja DISSECTION, ale na własny sposób!

Voices From The Darkside:
We Germans can’t be proud of much: we’ve never won a world war (fortunately, I might add!) and in terms of soccer, well, let’s not even start with that. However, in terms of Thrash f**king Metal we’re still one of the world’s leading nations and apart from our legends SODOM, KREATOR, DESTRUCTION and tons of other classic 80s acts we got a thriving Black / Thrash scene led by good ol’ DESASTER, WITCHBURNER and with several young newcomers popping up every year. Back in ‘05 a group named ERAZOR was formed in Westphallia and after two demos we now get to hear their self-titled debut album which reminds me a bit of late 90s / early 2000s era DESASTER with its fusion of thrashing tempos, Black Metal feel and Black Demon’s vokillz (totally like Okkulto’s). Add to that a hefty dose of DISSECTION-like guitar melodies that provide a nice touch of variety to an otherwise pretty conventional set-up and you’re in for an entertaining ride down towards hell. Rounded off with a kick ass production by D666’s Mersus who perfectly understands making the Black sound Black & the Thrash not like trash, sexy guest leads by Frank Blackfire (ex-SODOM, ex - KREATOR) and Toto (WORTMORD – a band I’ve never heard / never going to but used to feature Grave Violator) “Erazor” has hardly any flaws and with the closing ‘Demonic Slaughter’ and – for me as a Ruhr area dude – charmingly titled ‘Coalmine Disaster’ (fits the cool cover art perfectly) at least two highlights. Still, band’s like KETZER or HELLISH CROSSFIRE rule harder than these cats but have a couple of years’ experience ahead of ERAZOR, too. Personally, the DISSECTION-esque elements feel awkward for me, but you need to decide that for yourself as no matter what, this is an absolutely promising debut for all Black / Thrash lunatics!

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