SYMPTOM - Caverns of Katabasis CD (digipak)

  • SYMPTOM - Caverns of Katabasis CD (digipak)
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Drugi album jednoosobowego zespołu dowodzonego przez JT Gilmore'a (EOSPHOROS, PERIHELION, SHROUD OF THE HERETIC).


"Funneled down the fear drenched vestibule of the abyss.
Though there isn't a wild contrast between Opulent Atrocity and this second full-length from Symptom, this is clearly an improvement over the first record. I haven't enjoyed the thick, ominous atmosphere of a death/doom album this much since Evoken's classic Antithesis of Light perfected the style. Symptom haven't gone funeral doom, though. The contrast of foreboding ambiance and blasting death metal they've managed here is not unlike what the folks in diSEMBOWELMENT (or more close in sound, Inverloch) have done in the past. The sound isn't the same per se, but the juxtaposition of styles comes from a similar intent. "Caverns of Katabasis" fully intends to take the listener on a ride towards the underworld, as they slowly bleed to death from self-inflicted wounds, much in the style of something from Ceremonium or later Morpheus Descends."

“Caverns of Katabasis contains six tracks of atmospheric, suffocating doom-ridden death.”

“There are peaks and valleys and moments of reflection in these songs, but there’s also an unrelenting sense of dread that permeates them.”

"Caverns of Katabasis bellows and lurches like a vindictive behemoth, flattening all that is unfortunate enough to be straddling its path. Molten layers of distorted guitars and bass, as well as reverberant shrieks and howls create an eerie, menacing environment – one that is all too easy to get lost in. The opener, a primal assortment of ringing chords and cymbal crashes, instantly highlights one of the album’s most invaluable assets, the production. The drums are untriggered and organic, the guitar tone is raw yet bountiful and the record’s bottom end is powerful enough to register on the Richter Scale. The ample sound engineering creates a sonic snowball effect – the individual tracks are able to remain engaging even at their slowest and most drawn out, which in turn allows Gilmore to persist with individual ideas for minutes at a time, creating an ominous yet hypnotising aural experience. " 

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