TORTHARRY - Sinister Species CD (digipak)

  • TORTHARRY - Sinister Species CD (digipak)
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Dziewiąta duża płyta czeskiej czołowki brutalnego deathmetalowego grania! Zespół istnieje od 1991 roku!!!


It has been five years since the release of the last TORTHARRY full-length “Follow”, during which time this Czech death metal icon celebrated its 25th anniversary, thus reaching another milestone and opening a new chapter of its history. And what better way to open it than with a new studio album entitled “Sinister Species”! Though TORTHARRY have now sufficient reputation to allow for experiments in their music, the band stays true to their long-term genre direction, whereby the new album once again offers a motherload of technical death metal. Lyrics-wise, “Sinister Species” is in a sense a sequel to its predecessor, as the band’s chief lyricist Štefan Ležovič once again decided to reflect on current social issues, namely on one hand on the underside of the current economic climate that can deform one’s values so much so that possession of material wealth (or lack thereof) becomes the only relevant measure of existence, and on the other hand on the current tendency to went one’s frustrations and complexes on a supposed, for this purpose created, enemy who is to blame for it all. Thus, same as “Follow”, “Sinister Species” offers not only a powerful soundtrack, but also a powerful message that should give its listener a pause for reflection. The birth of the new album took place this time on the home soil, since TORTHARRY picked for the recording sessions of “Sinister Species” a local studio The Barn of the musician and multi-instrumentalist Dan Friml (Mean Messiah), who took care of the entire production, including mixing and mastering. The visual side of the album was handled once again by Jaromír “Deather” Bezruč, the Czech master of metal art. And while on the visual subject, it is also apt to note that the new album goes alongside a new music video, made for the song “Without a Break” by Marek “Frodys” Pytlik (Postcards from Arkham, Awrizis). The ninth studio album of TORTHARRY “Sinister Species” is released by MetalGate Records in a digipak format.

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