• GENERICHRIST - Mindumpster CD
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Producent:Area Death

Death/thrashmetalowcy z Tampy na Florydzie atakują z nowym limitowanym MCD. W składzie zespołu występujący muzycy SKINTOMB i RIPPING CORPSE!

Voices from the Darkside:
Hailing from Florida, known to the world as home-state of great and-or classic Metal bands, GENERICHRIST is another good example of music done with attitude. After one demo tape, a split and a previous EP, "Minddumpster" shows the band evolving and getting better with time. What I really like about this MCD is the production. It sounds organic and raw with a live recording feel to it. Each of the 5 songs here has its own identity, with enough variations to keep you interested. Heavy enough to enter the realm of Death Metal, yet full of catchy and aggressive Thrash Metal riffs and neck-breaking speed. Execution is really good instrument-wise. Maybe my only complaint is the lead guitar work. It could be more memorable, but besides that, everything is just great! The vocals shift from the good old shouting with a Hardcore-ish feel to deep understandable growls. This is one band to look for in the future, because they can only get better. I am anxiously awaiting for a full album.

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